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Kami Bekerjasama dengan pereka bentuk , arkitek, jurutera, pengilang, pemilik bangunan dan lain-lain untuk menyediakan penyelesaian  lighting yang menjimatkan kos, inovatif dan estetik. dengan mengambil kira falsafah di bawah, kami menyediakan perkhidmatan reka bentuk pencahayaan profesional bermula dari tanah hingga ke bumbung. 

What is (Facade Lighting) facade lighting?

The facade is often referred to as the main front or the outside of the front of a building. It is one of the most important exterior design elements and largely determines the aesthetic overall feel of the structure. Illuminating a facade with lights can turn a boring building into a truly eye-catching one, helping to highlight the building's key features. Add an artistic touch to the exterior through shadows. You can also highlight a feature to make it more visible, while silhouettes can provide a completely different result. To add simple contrast or highlight an object so it becomes the center of attraction. When illuminated by natural or artificial lighting at night, its appearance changes throughout the day as the direction of light continues to change.
It also improves the surrounding environment. Make a good first impression on your building, especially to attract customers.
Façade and lighting include:
1) Solid: A solid facade refers to a smooth wall surface without texture. These facades are mainly affected by natural lighting conditions (sunlight). Large, uniform surfaces can have well-defined structures and light patterns.

2) Vertical division: Use narrow beams to enhance vertical division. They may also consider combining uplights and downlights to enhance the facade.

3) Horizontal Partitions: Horizontal partitions can cast long and heavy shadows on the facade of a building.

4) Perforated facades: based on innovative facades that allow for the creative use of a variety of lighting technologies. For example, one can use Linear

Wall Washer LEDs or Formz LEDs to illuminate these attractive lids.


Outdoor lighting solutions that illuminate facades can create dramatic effects and enhance the nighttime aesthetic of commercial buildings. It complements the overall charm and highlights the surreal beauty of the surroundings after sunset.

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