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Standard deviation of color matching(sdcm) 
1 sdcm actually refers to the distance the measured value deviates from the target value.

2 If you want to indicate the sdcm of the measured value, you must provide the target value and calculation formula.

3 In an ellipse with a sdcm of 5, the sdcm of a point on the curve is 5. The color coordinates of all points in the circle are less than 5.

4 These ellipses can be expressed by certain equations.

5 IEC stipulates that the color coordinate of the lamp shall not deviate from the rated value (x, y) by 5 sdcm. That is to say, the color coordinates of the lamp should all be within the prescribed ellipse.

色容差 (sdcm)
1 色容差(sdcm) 實際是指測量值偏離目標值的距離。

2 如果要指出測量值的色容差(sdcm),必須提供目標值和計算公式。

3 在sdcm為5的橢圓中,曲線上點的色容差(sdcm)為5,圈內所有點的色坐標都為小於5。

4 這些橢圓都可以用一定的方程來表示。

5 IEC 規定燈具的色坐標不得偏離額定值(x,y)5個sdcm。 也就是說,燈的色坐標都應該在規定的橢圓內

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