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         International standards on how life time of LED-luminaires should be declared have now been published. The standards are: IEC 62717 LED-modules for general lighting – Performance requirements IEC 62722-2-1 Particular requirements for LED luminaires

Our Product - High performance tube 

useful life L80B10   50000 hours

Super bright tube

Project Type Tube

Our Product  : Commerical Type or below ,

useful life L70B50   50000 hours

commerical Type 

Real testing report at 6000hrs 

Ecodesign requirement for directional lamp report

ECNo: 1194/2012 - 2009/125/EC

ECNo. 224/2009 -2009/125/EC\

EPR real testing at 6000hrs, PF=0.96 , Ra 95,

SDCM ~6  Lumen maintentance (%)

= ~ 3%

Base on real performance test 

at 6000hrs , The product operate in 50000ohrs, the Luminance maintentance less then > 25%  

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