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Our LED tube can offer THD < 6%

Total harmonic distortion

Refers to the input source,
Output signal more than the input signal additional harmonic components. Harmonic distortion is caused by In the system is not completely linear, it is usually expressed as a percentage. The sum of all additional harmonic levels is called total harmonic loss

In general, 1000Hz

The total harmonic distortion at the frequency of the smallest, so many products are the distortion of the frequency as it index of. However, the total harmonic distortion and frequency must be 20-20000Hz measured within the entire audio range.

Total harmonic distortion shows that when the amplifier is working, the second and third harmonics generated by inevitable oscillations of the circuit or other resonances are superimposed on the actual input signal, and the signal output at the output end is not simply the same component as the input signal. But includes the harmonic component of the signal, the surplus of these harmonic components and the actual input signal comparison, expressed as a percentage of the total harmonic distortion.


THD's dimming application scheme is the periodic current and voltage interference that multiples of the power supply frequency (50-60HZ) is generated during the operation of various non-linear components in the drive circuit, and then back into the grid circuit through the input of the drive circuit. Causes the impure working frequency of the power grid (for example, a variety of clutter currents of 100HZ, 150HZ, 200HZ, etc. are mixed in the 50HZ power grid), affects other nearby electrical equipment, and can seriously damage the power equipment by channeling into the overall power grid. For example: various precision instruments and life support equipment have high requirements on the quality of the power supply used.  If the network harmonic is too high, it will interfere with the accuracy of the instrument in the light, and it may cause the instrument to work abnormally or even not work, burn out, etc ..

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