T5 glass tube -01.png
T5 Glass Tube
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Higher performance T5 Glass Tube
T8 glass tube -01.png
T8 Glass Tube
Advantages of the glass tube :
(1) The transmittance of glass is higher than that of PC cover, and the whiteness is good, which is more conducive to the output of light.
(2) The thermal stability of the glass is excellent, and the glass tube is in contact with air at 360 degrees, and the heat dissipation is evenly distributed.
(3) The glass tube will not turn yellow for a long time, it is more resistant to dirt and corrosion, and it is more durable.
(4) Glass LED tube is safe and easy to be certified
(5) The use of glass tubes ensures absolute safety even with non-isolated power supplies and is easily CE and UL approved.
The difference between coated white & plastic white casing in the tube:
 The glass tube is coated or plastic white casing.  It can shield the light source, prevent glare and diffuse reflection.
A) Inner coating white:
    main component silica powder , Nano-silicon dioxide is an inorganic chemical material commonly known as white carbon black. Because it is ultra-fine nano-scale, the size range is from 1 to 100nm, so it has many unique properties, such as optical properties against ultraviolet rays, which can improve the aging resistance, strength and chemical resistance of other materials.
High light transmittance, ordinary production process can reach 85%-95% light transmittance. . . .
The inner coating is white for long-term yellowing resistance and long-term hot and cold impact. The haze is good, shielding the light source and not affecting the light passing rate. The high luminous angle can improve the overall compressive strength of the glass and a good thermal conductivity.
Inner white defect
1. Light bar processing and bonding process requires high requirements, more defective products and high maintenance difficulty.
2. The illumination angle is 300-310 degrees, less than the plastic white casing.

B) Plastic white casing:

main component, PC sheet, raw material, commonly known as polycarbonate

1, PC sheet long-term weather resistance.
2, High transparency and free dyeing, light transmittance of up to 80%, luminous angle of up to 330 degrees.
3, Easy to process, maintenance is relatively simple.
4. Excellent electrical characteristics.
5. Tasteless and odorless, harmless to the human body, in line with health and safety.


1. The light bar is sealed inside the casing, the temperature is 15-20 degrees higher than the open environment, and the light bulb decays faster.
2. Plastics have aging problems, generally direct sunlight, 50% performance in 3 years, that is, the light transmittance is reduced by 50%. Even without direct illumination, due to temperature
High, three years of light transmittance reduction of more than 30%.
3. The light transmittance is low, and the high permeability material can only be 80%.


C) Glass tube lamp holder
There are many kinds of plugs, such as resin, plastic (white PC\PP) and metal (aluminum stamping). Both ends of the lamp are sealed, and the lamp legs are supported at the same time.


D) AC glass tube:
T5 :  Due to the diameter limitation, unless it is a special process, it is usually driven by a plug (in the plug), and a long plastic lamp head is generally used.
T8 :  uses a plug power supply, which is typically a long plastic base. White sleeve products can be used with long strips of power, and metal heads can be used when sealed.

E) DC glass tube

Due to the external power supply, the length of the metal head and the plastic head can be customized according to customer requirements.