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There are many common formulas for carbon footprint calculation in the world, which are jointly produced by the United Nations and some environmental protection organizations.​On the basis of these formulas, refer to China's local statistical data and conversion factors are used to make the calculation. 
Carbon emission calculation formula: Carbon dioxide emission of household electricity (kg) = electricity consumption × 0.785 
Total CO2 emissions saved from 2007 to 2020 = 194,000 metric tons
T8 to T5 tube carbon dioxide emissions=24W*daily use 12H*365 days*3 years/1000*300,000 pieces*0.785=74,000 metric tons
LED tube carbon dioxide emissions=18W*daily use 12H*365 days*3 years/1000*640,000 pieces*0.785=120,000 metric tons
2007-2020年 合計節省二氧化碳排放量 = 19.4萬公噸
T8 轉T5 tube二氧化碳排放量=24W*每天使用12H*365天*3年/1000*300000支*0.785=7.4萬公噸
LED tube二氧化碳排放量=18W*每天使用12H*365天*3年/1000*640000支*0.785=12萬 公噸

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