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Silvercord Builidng

iLighting Supplied 254 pcs. high power T8 LED lamp to replace 36W FL lamp at Staircase of Tsim Sha Tsui Silvercord Commercial building capark to improve the lighting effect and demonstrated the energy saving through lighting retrofit by LED.


Breamar Hill Chinese International School

iLighting supplied and installed 840 pcs LT high performance LED tube successfully to replace 2 x 58W T8 light box in one of the top class International school with its advantages of high energy saving and Luminous efficiency, long service life, excellent Color Rendering Index, no flicker, temperature cool. All indicators met the project acceptance standards after test. And compared with the original T8 lighting system, the lighting effects significantly improved both in anesthetic outlook and light quality. In addition, Life cycle maintenance cost is zero.



Macau Tower

iLighting is proud to supply 1800 pcs. special design LED tubes with beam angle 260 degree and 1950lm (lumen) to replace existing 36W fluorescent tube at Main Entrance and carpark of Landmark of Macau - Macau Tower, sponsored by the Macau Government Environmental funding. The work was completed by end of August, 2013.


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