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What is DALI? An Introduction to DALI: Creating a DALI System
DALI allows for up to 64 devices on a single DALI line. DALI Lines are also known as:

DALI Network
DALI Universe
DALI Subnet
DALI devices include LED Drivers, LED Emergency Drivers, fluorescent HF ballasts,

DALI Relay Device, DALI sensors, DALI power supplies.

Projects which require more than 64 DALI devices are delivered by installing multiple separate DALI Lines with up to 64 DALI

devices on each DALI Line. These separate DALI lines can then be simply linked together into a larger DALI Lighting Control

System with smart DALI systems.

In 2015 smart DALI systems are connected to each other via secure  - encrypted and authenticated -  Ethernet backbones and require no gateways or translators to achieve cross DALI line control and building wide control.

An Introduction To DALI 2018 - DALI  UPDATED for 2018 

Definition of DALI
“DALI network consists of a controller and one or more lighting devices (e.g., electrical ballasts and dimmers) that have DALI interfaces. The controller can monitor and control each light by means of a bi-directional data exchange. The DALI protocol permits devices to be individually addressed and it also incorporates Group and Scene broadcast messages to simultaneously address multiple devices[1] (e.g., "Group 1 goto 100%" or "Recall Scene 1")."  


DALI is an Acronym
DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) is a transport mechanism and data protocol. DALI was developed jointly and the specification written by a number of leading manufacturers of lighting equipment. The standard protocol of DALI makes lighting control systems easier and simpler to specify and operate, while also promoting competition to reduce installed cost.

Equipment from one manufacturer can be connected to equipment from another manufacturer and due to the common platform, can communicate with each other.

DALI-2 is an upgrade of DALI (original version or version 1.0), which includes:

(1) fixing errors and deficiencies in version 1.0;

(2) adding some new features;

(3) putting Control Device (control Equipment) is standardized;

(4) Compulsory certification.


Officially the DALI-2 specification has been released and includes part 103 (Control Devices). The DALI standard (IEC62386) - International Standard for Lighting Control - has been cleaned up and tightened up to allow for better interoperability of DALI devices from different manufacturers and backwards compatibility with the original standard. DALI is administered by Digital Illumination Interface Alliance, with over 110 international members.

DALI-2 introduces Input Devices and sets the basis for future incorporation of Control Devices. DALI-2 includes, for the first time, standardisation of Control Devices and increases the scaling of DALI applications right up to building automation from a standards perspective.


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