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Name : Color rendering 

Unit :Color Rendering Index (CRI)

It is generally believed that the artificial light source should make the human eye right to perceive the color, just as in the sun to see things the same. Of course, this depends on the application of the occasion and the purpose of the different requirements. This indicator is the color of the light source characteristics, known as the "average color rendering index ((Ra). The average color rendering index for the object in a light source to display the color and its reference light source under the color The difference between the two, the value of the assessment method for the reference light source and the light source to be measured according to DIN 6169 of the eight color samples on a comparison and quantify the difference; the smaller the difference, that represents the test The better the color rendering of the light source, the average color rendering index Ra of 100 light source can make a variety of colors appear as a reference light source by the color.Ra value is lower, the rendering of the color distortion.

Due to the different types of light sources, the colors of the objects you see are also different. Affect the color of the nature of the light source known as the color of color, the general can be said that the color of good light color vision is good, and poor color rendering color difference is also poor.



The average color rendering degree of the main light source (Ra)
Fluorescent light three wavelengths 80
Fluorescent white 65
Daylight daylight color
Color evaluation with 99
Mercury bulb 40
Highly colored complex metal lamp 90
Halogen bulb 100
Light bulb 100

The concept of average color evaluation index (Ra)

The representative index representing the degree of color rendering of the light source, i.e., the color of the color, is called the average color rendering index (Ra).

The average color evaluation index (Ra) represents the degree of fidelity of each color when the various colors seen with standard light (prescribed light) are illuminated with various types of light sources, respectively.

Average color evaluation index (Ra value)
Halogen bulb 100
Light bulb 100

CRI (daylight CRI is 100, incandescent bulb CRI more than 90, while the fluorescent tube was 65)

Color and the use of light

According to the use of the field of light or use, what kind of color of the light is suitable for it? The CIE (International Commission on Illumination) provides a benchmark. The following table shows the applicable range of the lamp relative to the average color evaluation index Ra.

Evaluation index
Use range
Ra> 90
Color check, color correction, clinical examination, gallery, art gallery
90> Ra ≧ 80
Printing, textile mills, restaurants, shops, hospitals, schools, precision machining, office buildings, residential, etc.
80> Ra ≧ 60
General place of work
60> Ra ≧ 40
Roughing factory
40> Ra ≧ 20

General lighting places
Objects in different light source irradiation, will produce different color effects, which is the light of the color rendering. For example, in the fluorescent light, the red becomes uncertain, yellow is emphasized. And under the incandescent light, the red is emphasized, the blue becomes unclear. In the red light irradiation, the green object appears dark. In the yellow light irradiation, the purple object is lost. Only in a high color of the fluorescent light irradiation, the object can correctly reflect its true color. According to this principle, how to use different light color, illuminate the different furnishings of the room, so that it shows the same glory effect, but also a kind of indoor interior lighting art, can enrich the visual perception.



LED has excellent color rendering, especially in the use of the stage effect, and the major well-known museums, art galleries, because the existing fluorescent light is not only poor color and there will be a trace of ultraviolet light leakage, although this small amount of ultraviolet light on the human body is not, But it has a great impact on the exhibitions and paintings.

In addition, the indoor lighting can generally be divided into direct lighting, indirect lighting and scattered light lighting. Direct lighting light concentration, indirect lighting soft light, scattered light between the two lighting effects. Such as cleverly integrated use, vary according to the material, each other, and indoor furnishings contrast each other, will cause thousands of different forms of mysterious light and shadow environment.

It is generally believed that the artificial light source should make the human eye right to perceive the color, just as in the sun to see things, this is the so-called color rendering. The more close to the sun to see the truth of the object is to show color is good, distortion is the color is not good. The average color evaluation index (Ra) of this lamp is set to 100 when the colors seen under certain light source illumination are exactly the same as those of standard lighting. If the average color evaluation index Ra80 above, it is basically able to meet the color vision requirements of higher lighting requirements.

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